We specialize in restoration of classic Land Rovers, G-Wagons, Land Cruisers and Bespoke Ducatis

Old School Made for New School

Design, Craftsmanship, Individuality.

Those are the key principals that guide us with every bespoke project we do. Whether stitching fine leather upholstery on your rare 4X4 of choice, or handcrafting a carbon fiber component for your motorbike.

Our full frame-off restorations process honors those cars, and therefore we use only the highest quality materials and unparalleled attention to details, to create second to none build-to-order driving experiences.

This same attention to details can be also found in our absolute works of art when working on rare Ducatis. Our team brings the art of Carbon Fiber to create the most unique Ducati models in the world, enhancing performance and making an already special piece of engineering a true collector’s dream.

Drive your Dream

Legendary Defenders

Automotive heritage, built for modern times.

Strongest G-Wagens

Made for the military, built for you.

Reliable Land Cruisers

For a bullet proof go anywhere adventures.

Fast and furious Ducati

Built for the serious motorcycle enthusiast.



Two wheels or four wheels, whatever you prefer, we will help you go through the list of available options, with the sky being the limit.

We will tailor together the ride of your dreams, modified to your everyday needs, whether a daily driver or a weekend warrior.


Our process begins with the selection of the most well-preserved vehicles, only those with little rust and the fateful chassis make it to our shop.

Additionally, we limit our selection to vehicles that maintain their original engines and gearboxes, guaranteeing valuable and authentic restorations.

We use only the highest quality materials. From full-leather Italian seats and precision stitching upholstery and wood, to 8- coating paints and original parts, all done to your taste.


After all work is complete, final inspections are being made. All systems are double-checked and the car is test driven to insure full functionality.

Once all inspections are complete we work with you on arranging the shipping process, no matter where you are in the world.


With over 20 years of experience and a long record of satisfied customers from all corners of the world, our team’s expertise is present in every detail and every bolt.

From full frame-off restoring a true classic 4×4, to handcrafting a carbon fiber component to your bespoke Ducati motorbike, we dedicate our passion and expertise to create the most bespoke driving pleasures you can find.

You dream them, we build them.



Custom build you dream

Whether you are looking for a daily driver, a weekend adventure machine, or a rare and unique piece of carbon fiber Ducati, contact us today to start the project of dreams.

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